Artists of 南庭工房

Artists Profile


Kouichi Tanikawa


Before relocating from Tokyo to the Izu Peninsula in 1988, Koichi Tanikawa created works that mysteriously expressed the isolation of modern man. As Tanikawa set to work at his studio in Izukogen, his daily close observation of the woodland animals, birds, and insects in the verdant groves of the Izu Peninsula wrought a dramatic transformation in the themes and style of his paintings. In the words of the artist: “A sense of animism increasingly swelled within me, through which I felt the presence of the spirits in the woods, the grass, the soil, and the wind.” The works of Koichi Tanikawa overflow with a contemporary sensibility even as they are imbued with a primitive feeling.


Chizuru Miyasako


From her formative years onward, Chizuru Miyasako felt a strong interest in collages of disparate shapes and images pasted together to express a third world rather than paintings that depict clearly delineated motifs. Her works created in Tokyo were collages created by pasting materials such as pictorial images from magazines, picture postcards, and photographs of animals or scenery on picture surfaces. After relocating in 1988 to Izukogen, a seaside forest town, Miyasako became inspired by the life and rhythms of the local tree groves, cultivated fields, wild birds, and insects. This inspiration sparked a transformation in her art from collages of information from diverse sources to cheerful, ebullient works that express the joy of life within the artist in a straightforward, unaffected way.